Minggu, 30 November 2014

Baba Telephone

Last tuesday, my Somali students performed this song so lovely on celebration of the universal children's day at immigration detention center. It makes me "become so addicted" to all things related to them, including this song, because I miss them already! Yes, I miss them a lot!! Their smile, their voice, their laugh, their naughtiness, their innocence, their existence, everything!

Oh my... I even can't believe that our project will end very soon! I owe them for taught me a lot of life lessons and for made me smile all the time and cry sometimes! Lol... just kidding. Thank you for mended my brokenness kids! Much love :) ♥

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Terimakasih sudah meninggalkan jejak yang menghujani perjalanan ini dengan kearifan kata dan ketulusan hatimu kawan. Salam Persohiblogan. Penggenggam Hujan...=))